Basic Tips for Small Business for building Brand Awareness 

Brand Awareness is one of the most important tools used by businesses in today’s world. Big business companies like Coca – Cola, Nestle and McDonald s use it to drive people to buy their products. Every time you pass by their logo or brands, it makes you stop and look at it. The top reason is because they own a part of your brain. These companies have spent millions on a variety of advertising mediums to drive their brand into consumers brains until all that is needed to purchased their product is to see their sign or ad.


This advantage also lies within the reach of small business. Small business has one major advantage over larger businesses. Small businesses at least in Canada represent around 90% of the jobs in the country. The big companies might have the budgets and political power but small business has the support of their customers and local community especially in today’s changing landscape. There are many ways that small businesses can build their brand awareness outside their local communities. The reason why I mention outside local community is, if you want your business to grow you cannot continue to advertise to the same population every time and expect a different result.


Here are some starting tips for small businesses to grow their brand awareness:

  1.  Create a Marketing Plan:A marketing plan is the first step for small business to expand their current operations and grow. Statistically, 10% of your yearly revenue should be dedicated to marketing efforts. You can start out small and run an ad campaign for 3 months then do something different every 3 months. As time goes on and your budget and sales grow invest in advertising with greater and greater reach like programmatic marketing or radio.
  1. Be Active on Social Media: An active social media presence will give your company online profile which will allow current and future clients to look up your business.
  1. Programmatic Marketing: Programmatic Marketing is online targeted advertising campaign that work off potential clients interests, hobbies, search history and cookies. It is a program that learns as time goes on to specifically target consumers that are looking for specifically or similar products or services that you offer. The big companies are spending millions on this every year however, it is being offered for small businesses. You should be able to find a company in your area that will create a campaign for you for between $6 – $15/month.


Thank you for reading!