10 Reasons To Use Email Marketing

Everyday, there are new ways to attract clients. Some of the most popular are social media, digital advertising, and using personal data to market to specific markets. Attracting new customers and keep existing clients coming back is key in business however ensuring your ROI (return on investment) makes your investment worthwhile is equally important. One marketing technique that is often underappreciated in the workplace is called Email Marketing.


According to Forbes: “Email remains a critical part of the marketer’s toolkit, with 91% of all consumers still reporting daily email use.”

This means email is a key communication tool for small businesses especially with their smaller marketing budgets.

 E-marketer says, “Email conversion rates to purchase are estimated to be at least 3x as high as social media conversion rates, with average order values estimated to be 17% higher via email than social media.”

Email is a great tool to use to inform existing clients of deals and promotions or even to attract new clients. Email marketing is a cost-effective solution that gives businesses the power to reach customers in a place most people visit every day — their inbox. If you really want to find out how email can work for your business, why not ask other small business owners and see how it worked for them?


Here are 10 reasons to use Email Marketing:

  1. Build credibility: People do business with people they know, like, and trust. Email gives you the ability to build credibility with your audience by sharing helpful and informative content.
  2. Boost sales: When you have an audience of people who are interested in receiving updates from your business, you’ll be able to find new ways to increase sales throughout the year.
  3. Strengthen relationships: If you want to build strong customer relationships, it’s important to have an effective tool to communicate with the people who matter most to your business. Email gives you the ability to stay top-of-mind and keep people engaged with your business during your busy season and the slower times of the year.
  4. Learn what works: Email marketing gives you the metrics you need to see how your emails are performing. These insights help you market smarter, and also give you the advantage of better understanding the needs and interests of your customer base.
  5. Reach people on any device: With nearly two-thirds of all emails being opened on a mobile device, email marketing is one of the best tools that can help a business take advantage of the growing popularity of mobile technology.
  6. Look professional: Email templates aren’t just easy to use; they’re also designed to make sure you look professional when you reach your audience member’s inbox. You can insert your own content and customize each template with your logo and colors to make sure it matches your brand. Once you do it enough, you can choose to move away from the templates and write from scratch.
  7. Get immediate results: When running a small business, every sale, order, or appointment can have a significant impact. With email, you’re able to get the results you’re looking for right away and easily track how your different campaigns are performing.
  8. Generate leads: Not everyone who joins your email list will be ready to make a purchase or sign up for a service. Email gives you the opportunity to capture new visitor’s attention and nurture the relationship with helpful and informative content.
  9. Promote services: Service businesses face the difficult challenge of keeping clients interested in their business, even when they aren’t looking to purchase anything. Email gives you the opportunity to keep your client’s attention without overwhelming them with unwanted information.
  10. Attract new clients: In addition to connecting with the people on your email list, you can also share your newsletters and announcements on your own social networks to bring new people to your business.

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