10 Ways to Build Brand Awareness On A Budget

Small businesses employ more than 95% of North America’s population but generally have less sales and smaller marketing budgets than their larger competitors. Large companies and corporations have larger budgets, political pull and overall better position in their industry’s market. This doesn’t mean that small businesses are struggling to survive, some of them do quite well. Small businesses are a great place for entry-level jobs for recent graduates, have opportunities to advance quickly and generally have a greater team feel.

Small businesses like many companies have to market their brands in order to be able to compete competitively in the marketplace. Even though small businesses generally have smaller budgets and smaller marketing teams doesn’t mean they cannot market their brands effectively. They just have to get creative!


Creativity by definition means “To bring something new, to you, into being.”  Businesses can be creative with their marketing in a variety of ways. For example, changing implementation of social media campaigns, or the amount of time put in. Creativity is key when marketing your product or service to your clients.

Below are some ideas to market your brands effectively on a smaller budget.

10 Creative and Simple Ways to Market Your Brand:

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1) Referral, Referral, Referral –

Your most powerful lead generation tool is word of mouth. Nothing beats the leads you’ll receive as referrals from existing clients. Create a simple program that empowers and rewards your clients for referring your business to their peers.  Make sure to communicate the program so they know these rewards are available to them.

2. Networking –

Attending local networking events is a great way to meet potential clients. You might not meet anyone who immediately signs on, but your name will be top-of-mind when they’re looking for services.

3. Personal Letter –

Never underestimate the power of personal correspondence. It’s true that a well-written personal letter carries with it a high degree of believability. Regardless of whether your message is printed or electronic, be sure to include your logo in order to gain a positive association with your brand.

4. Email –

You don’t need a fancy service to send out emails. Just send your customers a visually-appealing email with a clear, concise message.

5. Email Signature –

This is a great way to reinforce a message, communicate about a new offer or provide contact information, or hours of operation. Many employees like to add images, popular sayings, photos or different colors and fonts to signatures, but this can hurt your brand identity.

6. Facebook –

This is a great way to further a relationship between you and your customers. Plus, it gives your prospective clients another way to find out more about your company.

7. Twitter –

This remarkable medium is an effective announcement vehicle and a wonderful way to keep your business and its capabilities in front of your prospects.

8. Blogging –

Establish yourself as an expert and show off your technical prowess with a blog. If you’re strapped for time, schedule your employees to write articles. Just make sure that you blog regularly (at least once a week). A neglected blog might send a red flag to potential clients that you’re not on top of things.

9. Google AdWords Campaign –

Advertising on Google can be an easy, low-cost way for you to reach a large amount of potential clients. This tactic is worth considering, especially since you can narrow your advertising efforts to include only your local market and search terms that match your business—like “IT consulting services” or “outsourced IT.”

10. Your Vehicles as Rolling Billboards –

Putting a message on company vehicles can be very effective. Just think of how many cars—and people—each one passes in the course of a day.

As your business grows and your market diversifies, your marketing budget and options change. You can tweak, and re-imagine your current ads or spend more money on the more expensive options with a better reach. Everybody has to start somewhere even the large corporations like Coca-Cola, Nestle and Walmart. Once you grow, then you will be able to diversify your advertising, products, services and brands. You can even have different budgets for your different brands. For example, there are different ad campaigns for Coca-Cola’s brands such as Sprite, Coca-Cola, Dasini etc.

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