Twitter Marketing On a Budget

Are you looking to set-up a second platform for your social media campaign? Considering Twitter? Do you have a small budget ? Check out these tips and tricks that will maximize your return on Twitter.

Becoming a Twitter expert is a great way to gain visibility and engagement for yourself and your organization. As Twitter and other social media platforms continue to become an integral part of the customer service and marketing process, knowing how to reach goals with little to no budget can make you an important part of any business.”

Twitter is a great way to connect with like-minded business owners in your industry as well as connect with current and new clients. Using lists to hashtags, Twitter has a number of options to help you grow your business on budget.

5 Ways to promote your business on A Budget


  1. Twitter Hashtags: Utilize hashtags to enhance your posts to increase your chances of likes and follows. Every post whether its a promotion, announcement etc needs a hashtag. Example: Tim Horton’s Roll Up The Rim hashtag is   twitter graph.jpg
  2. Keywords and Influencers: Use Keywords that are instantly searchable and combine them with hashtags for double the effectiveness. Combine your keywords with Twitter Influencers. This is done by searching for your preferred keyword like Tim Hortons. Click Accounts and follow those influencer accounts who are using your keyword. Many businesses on Twitter will follow similar businesses who either have same products or use similar keywords. twitter graph.jpg
  3. Attract New Followers: Follower campaign ads are designed to increase visibility and grow your followers. They appear as Promoted Tweets in the person’s timeline, and as Promoted Accounts in the Who to Follow boxes on the Home, Profile, and Search results pages.
  4. Change your visual branding: Twitter allows you to customize the look and colors of your Twitter profile page. This gives you an opportunity to provide additional information about your business to everyone who checks out your profile.

    You can create a custom graphic and use it for your Twitter background.

    Here are some great examples of Twitter backgrounds and instructions for how to create your own.

    Here is an example of a custom Twitter background that highlights important company information and provides additional details.

    After you create the image file, you upload it to your profile. While you are there, you can adjust the background and link colors so they coordinate with your new background image. You will need the match your brand colors to your image if you want the background and links to match.

      5.  Follow, Follow, Follow: Follow your customers and business associates. Utilize your network and publicize your profile. All these tips are key to promoting your business without spending a dime. People love pictures. And this year, social media has really expanded to give people more of what they want.Statistics show that people are more likely to read your stuff online if you include pictures. This means that just by adding photos to your tweets, you can greatly increase the amount of attention they get.

For more Tips and Tricks for Twitter Marketing Check out the Video Below:

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