5 Ways to Enhance your Brand’s Twitter Strategy

Social Media is constantly evolving. Every day, week and month, there are new strategies put into place to keep readers’ attention and stay ahead of competitors. Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Twitter are always evolving and growing to meet the demands of their members and the marketplace. Out of all the social media platforms out there today, Twitter is one of the most popular and most used on a daily basis.

In order to stay ahead of your competitors, your brand must stay engaging and provide value to your readers.
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Here are 5 Ways to Enhance your Brand’s Twitter Strategy in 2017

  1. Humanization Becomes Key to Success on Twitter: Twitter is used for instant news. Due to its 140 character limit, it can sometimes be hard to portray your message. Don’t stress, simplify!   Know your message well as it will help you find the best way to promote it. In addition, cut back on 1) the automation, 2) scheduling a week of tweets on a Monday and then never logging back in until it’s time to schedule more tweets, and 3) the hashtag-stuffed tweets. When you promote on Twitter, take the time to enhance your tweet with an infographic or picture that also helps enhance the message you are trying to get across. Make a schedule of tweets but tweet them yourself and ensure that they portray the message you want it to say before you send it. Hashtags are good things for your post but don’t become obsessed with them. Use one or two that most relate to the message you are sending.
  2. Twitter Marketers Shift Focus From Driving Traffic to Creating Connections: The recent changes Twitter has made, including the addition of an algorithm, mean that Twitter is the social network marketers most need to change their approach to. It’s time to go back to the days when Twitter wasn’t just automated noise. Twitter can still be used to drive traffic but is becoming even more effective as a connection tool.To adjust, marketers will need to tweet less but with more quality, with the goal of tweeting to connect with others and create interaction.
  3. Twitter Becomes a Content Destination: Twitter has grown exponentially in the last few years. Two of the most promising markets are Millenials and Generation Z. More information on marketing to Millennials More information on marketing to Generation Z:  Fueling this growth will be the continued rise in content consumption directly within the Twitter platform, a focus on improving the Twitter feed algorithm, and marketers winning with quality over quantity. We’ve already seen some of this come to life when Twitter reached a live streaming deal for 10 games with the NFL. Twitter also made a great move to allow people and brands to go live directly within the app, without having to download Periscope separately. All of this leads up to Twitter becoming a content destination, rather than a means to an end.
  4. Twitter Focus on Live Video Across the Board: Over the last few months there has been a rise of video marketing and the effect it has on the younger generation. Many companies are finding that traditional marketing no longer works on the millennials and generation Zers.   To enhance your companies brand online and keep the attention of the most influential generations so far, you need to use video marketing. It’s new, interesting, and best of all interactive. Interactive marketing has been proven to create value for your brand and/or product and keep your customers attention.
  5. Keep Tweets Under 110 Characters: 

    Twitter’s legendary character restriction seems short, but if you’re maxing out your character count, your tweets are too long.

    Shorter tweets with around 110 characters get 17% higher engagement, and there’s a reason for that. When you leave room in a tweet, it makes it easier for people to retweet you and add their own commentary.

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