How do I drive more audience to my Events?

Capturing an audience’s attention is one of the most important and difficult factors for a marketer to encounter and keep during their career.

With growing number of events, it is becoming tougher to attract an audience to your event. Event organizers are spending a lot of time and money to promote events, yet few of them are able to have a large number of audience.

In a highly competitive environment, marketing is vital for event success. To organize a successful event you need to make marketing plan long before you launch it.


There are many different things that need to be done before your event can happen. For example, all your promotional materials such as brochures, business cards, flyers, and banners need to be completed at least one week before the event.

Here are 5 things that need to be done in the 16 weeks before your event:

  1. Pre-Event Page: Usually on Facebook. This page used to drive the potential audience to, generate leads and early interest. Also, a great first place to post event details.
  2. Blogging: Use your company or brand’s blog to explain the reasoning behind the event and it’s a great place to interact with your loyal audience. For example, you could offer a contest with a prize of a free ticket to the event for the first 10 people to like and comment.
  3. Social Media: Social Media is a given due to the overwhelming reach potential. It is also an important medium for building momentum in the weeks and days before the event. Use it to create a community that generates interest in the event through their own networks and link them to your blog for maximum impact.
  4. Partner Outreach: Event partnerships can be crucial to your event’s success. Start reaching out to potential collaborators like local businesses or not-for-profits for local promotion opportunities, donations or as vendors.
  5. Paid Promotion: A recent study has concluded that email is the number one and most effective tactic for event organizers behind social media. Utilize your email list of current clients and encourage them to come on out and bring their friends. Ensure that the link to the ticket sales site is included.


If you take the suggestions above as a roadmap to help shape your event marketing strategy, you will be in a much stronger position to build momentum and ultimately achieve success for your event.

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