Building a Social Media Presence

Having a presence on social media is a necessary part of every business’s marketing budget. However, there are many businesses such as small and medium sized family businesses that are still not online.

It’s understandable that the facing the unknown is frightening.  Many family businesses still rely on outdated and ineffective print media for over 85% of their annual budget. It’s time for a change.


Many family-owned businesses are run by an older person with limited knowledge on current or updated marketing channels. They are relying on channels that they grew up with that have now become outdated such as newspaper flyers, flyers in mailboxes, billboards etc.

The key to success with social media campaigns is consistency. If your message is not clear and understood by your readers then it’s an ineffective post or ad.  Everything posted affects your brand whether you know it or not. A post filled with spelling mistakes, blocks of text, blurry images can all affect your brand online. Your goal online is to build your followers and interactions through credible content that readers are interested in.

4 Ways to gain followers on Social Media:

  1. Input your email list into Facebook: This will send everyone on your list an invitation to like and follow your page online.
  2. Engaging posts: Have contests, giveaways that will get your online community involved and excited. You can use these contests to also get people to sign up to your email lists.
  3. Use paid Boost Posts & Likes Generator: Put aside a budget for using this feature on Facebook. It allows you to specify your demographic of who you want to advertise to. There are many things you can do. Pay to get more Likes & Followers to your page, Boost a post with a specific message to a much wider range of people.
  4. Create Content Calendars: Content calendars work well across the board for all stores and leaves a lot of room for individuality. But most importantly it keeps on point with consistency.

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