Video Marketing Changes 2018 Part 1

Video Marketing is an outstanding way to engage and communicate your brand and business in today’s market. Mobile Video Marketing is just one of the niches within this exponentially growing market. Research by Google shows that the small screen has the potential to drive big impact: On a typical day, for those 18 to 34 year-olds look at their phones more than any other device. Moreover, viewing video on smartphones is far less distracting than it is on TV.


Today we will be reviewing upcoming changes that will affect video marketing in 2018. There are eleven in total so we will be splitting them into two. Today we are reviewing the following:

  1. Brand storytelling
  2. Increasing Social Interaction
  3. Increasing Google Ranking
  4. Instructional short video
  5. Leveraging Trust

Brand Story-Telling:

Video is the ideal and the most effective medium to carry out brand storytelling. All major brands have enjoyed tremendous success over the years sharing their origin, growth, mission, values and the people behind their success. No other medium offers exclusivity to marketers in order to create lasting impressions in the minds of consumers. Here are  10 Brand Building Strategies using online video marketing.


Increasing Social Interaction

When browsing social media, you have probably realized that you interact (like, comment, and share) more often with video than normal posts. A video is more likely to go viral through social interaction. Many top brands like Nike, Apple, Samsung have used the viral effects of video to promote their products. 


Increasing Google Ranking

These days it’s a constant struggle to increase your ranking on Google. But it’s not impossible. All it takes is some creativity. Here are five tips to increase your ranking:

  1. Create A Link Building Strategy: Using links to show relevant content on your site will increase your ranking. That’s why when you read some posts they have links in them. They act as a trail back to the business’s web page. 
  2. Major search engines are now giving more prominence to content that includes a video that matches the content keywords. 
  3. Google also gives more preference to social signals (when browsers share web content on social media). Marketers have understood the importance of social signals, and its relation to Google rankings in 2017. Customized video SEO packages now cater to this growing need.
  4. Update Your Site Frequently: Updating your site allows Google’s algorithm to see that the content is different and will move it up their list.  
  5. Optimize For Long-Tail Keywords: New websites have a hard time competing for top keywords, that’s why it’s best to start off by identifying long-tail keywords (a phrase containing three or more words) that your site can more easily rank for. 

Instructional short video

Marketing agencies know that visitors are much more likely to stop and watch a quick video than they are to take time out and read a long chunk of text. Enticing viewers with a short demonstration of what you offer is a sure fire way to get more eyes on your services. Whiteboard instructional videos are the best medium to get this done, without spending big.



Leveraging Trust

For a physical product, video works as an effective tool to leverage trust in your customer. Reviews and demonstrations of your products show that the product is real and functional. Offering video demonstrations of a product usually increase conversion rate significantly. An example is Apple’s promotional video for their new iPhone X.


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