Video Marketing Changes 2018 Part 2

Welcome to part 2!

A quick review of video marketing.

Video Marketing: using video to promote or market your brand, product or service. A strong marketing campaign incorporates video into the mix.

Out of everything you read today, remember video helps create a story for your customers. Stories are memorable and can stand the test of time.


Here are the final five changes that will affect how we use video in marketing:

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Increased click-through and conversations
  3. Directing and controlling focus
  4. Creating a digital face for your brand
  5. Company Culture

Content Marketing

Everyone talks about the pros of content marketing. What works? What doesn’t? How to succeed? As businesses continue to decrease their print budgets and move more into digital marketing you must be prepared. Visual, compelling and dynamic content makes it easier for your clients to be engaged. Some examples of content marketing include providing lessons, demonstrations and resources.  Offering this material in video format offers an enjoyable viewing experience and there is a higher likelihood of customer engagement.

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Increased click-through and conversations

email marketing works

Adding a video to an email campaign visibly increases both click through and conversion rates. Research has found out that including a video in an email improves its opening rate by 400% if included within the subject line.

For more reasons to start or improve your email marketing campaigns:

10 Reasons To Use Email Marketing

Directing and controlling focus



Marketing agencies and content marketers all know that video is the ideal method to control the way viewers engage and interpret your content. It’s a fantastic way to direct their focus to important points. A video also controls the pace on how they understand and digest the information.

Creating a digital face for your brand

Customers want to know who you are, what you do, how well you do what you do, and how you have helped other customers in the past. Using video for this will help to give your brand a face, and instill trust in potential customers. It will also make that old ‘about us’ column on top menu’s become obsolete.

Company Culture

Video is the perfect way to show off company culture. Simple works best such as videos from company outings or tours of the office.  These create  a personal touch for your brand. Video will also allow you to show charitable events, and let your customers know you care about your community.


Video Marketing is an outstanding way to promote your brand and business in today’s market. Utilizing these changes for video marketing this coming year, will allow you to get ahead. Remember stories are memorable, travel further and inspire action!

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