3 Tips to Create Content that Sells

In today’s world it’s important that you develop dynamic content that is engaging and that people will want to read. Content needs to cover these four stages:

  1. Inform
  2. Entertain or Inspire
  3. Compel People To Share It
  4. Sell Your Stuff

A lot of content only gets to level one- it informs- boring! Next level writers can entertain, inspire and motivate- that’s 2D Content. If you write the kinds of things people share, you may get to the third level- that’s 3D Content. But to go into the fourth dimension- which is amazing content that sells, we have to go further- to infinity and beyond.

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Many companies look at their marketing budget and see what they invested hasn’t produced what they wanted. In order for your advertising to be successful, it must be seen through interaction whether through sales in store or online or being shared and liked. Check out the chart below that outlines all the major advertising mediums used by small and large companies throughout 2016. Look at the percentage of their budget spent with each and what they received.


Here are three tips to increase the responsiveness of online advertising:

  1. Teach With Story and Sell With Subtleness: Customers want an answer to “What’s in it for me?” If your content only talks about how great a job you did on a project but doesn’t teach, you’re not likely to get the best results. Have some of your best employees whether they’re tradesmen, or garden experts write content about specific problems they’ve encountered on the job and how to fix it. For example, garden experts experience a customer that wants to replace a plant that died under the warranty. However, once your garden expert looks at the plant and realizes that the warranty is void because the customer didn’t water it, the customer gets angry. Once the customer is calm and understands why the warranty is void and how to avoid it in the future, the problem is solved.
  2. Teach With Video (and a personal touch): When people know you and start to trust you, your chance of doing business with them is much, much greater. Video is an amazing tool for this. It allows businesses to integrate the social power of YouTube with the personal power of real people, and the teaching power behind the content. For example, create a video showcasing a special event that your company attended like the local fair or fundraiser where you were a major donator.
  3. Powerful Social Media Targeting: As organic reach on Facebook continues to plummet to zero, investing in paid promotion is a necessity. One of the strengths of today’s social networks lies within the targeting capabilities available to advertisers. Social media platforms have amassed rich data on consumers that financial marketers can leverage. Using your research and sales data, you can identify specific segments that can be targeted within social platforms. You can target people who are either engaged, married or pregnant, or those who are members of local buying group, or customers at businesses in the same industry as yours.

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