3 Tools for managing your website

Welcome to part 5 of 6 regarding the six main problems facing the marketing industry in 2017. Today we will be focusing on tools to help you manage your website more effeciently. What is currently being done? How to fix it?

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Why is it a challenge?

Having a website fo your business is a must if you are going to succeed. Customers and clients alike look at your website for its design, ease of use and reviews in order to access whether your comapny is the right fit for their needs. It’s an asset that works around the clock to draw in visitors, convert them, and help you hit your goals.

Problems with your website can impact your business in negative ways. Some of these problems can include too much writing, content optimization and poor design and layout.

How to fix it?

  1. Design Issues: If your webite has design poblems and you don’t have the knowledge to program, there are many programs with templates to choose from.
    1. WordPress: WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that makes it easy to regularly update your website with fresh blog posts, news stories, and more. Praised for its flexibility, simplicity, cost-effecient and popular. For more information check out WordPress.
  2. Limited resources for creating and managing content: If yur company has trouble creating and managing content try hiring freelancers to help manage your work.
    1. Freelancers are sometimes cheaper but highly effecient as they can work remotely and finish the work in a shorter amount of time. There are many freelance sites up and running to review profiles and hire the right person for the job. Some include FreelancerZerys and Contently.
    2. Tapping into your personal and professional network by posting on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social networks with a description of what you’re looking for.

Website management is an important part of being an entrepreneur. Your website is an asset that works around the clock to draw in visitors, convert them, and help you hit your goals. Remember to review and update your content weekly, your social media daily and your website monthly.

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