Importance of Messaging

Messaging, one of the key fundamental tools for a business. Outside of a company’s product or service, the number one most important primary call-to-action elements for success are establishing marketing goals and messaging. This strategic step establishes the building blocks that lead to revenue, branding, and competitive edge.

In this digital age, too often the message portrayed and what is understood by readers are two very different things. For example, an advertisment shows that office space is up for sale. One person could interpret that as a real estate opportunity where he purchases it and then rents it out for small fee every month. On the other hand, a entrepreneur looks at it as a way to get out the home office and have a professional location set-up for meetings. Message is important and it should be the same for everyone.

How Your Messaging Guide Drives Your Content Marketing

When we talk about the value of content– whether it’s website copy, blog posts, eBooks, white papers, webinars, videos and a host of other formats – it’s imperative that you clearly and consistently articulate and support your company’s value proposition and key messages.  These key messages should serve as the ultimate bellwether for whether that content advances the company and the business, or is essentially useless filler.  The messaging guide helps to truly serve as the checkpoint for all of your content – is it in line with the business, does it support the way that we work and think, or is it just fluff?

Check out the video below “Why Messaging is important?”

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