5 Reasons Instagram is more valuable than Facebook

If yoIf you work in social marketing, you know Facebook.

Odds are, you have a Facebook business page. You probably update it regularly, too. And if you’re like most social advertisers, you’re spending more on Facebook ads this year than you did the last.

But is the world’s most popular social network really the best value out there? Could you do better on another social network – like Instagram?

5 Reasons Instagram is more valuable to your business than Facebook

  1. Instagram is easier to use: Instagram’s sole purpose is to view and post pictures. Since the only thing people can do on this moblie application is look at images, people of all ages have learned to love it. You simply scroll through the pictures and either like, comment, or move on. It does not take much time to keep yourself updated.


  2. Videos: The latest features and most interesting on Instagram lets you upload the video. Record a video about 5 seconds, say a few things about themselves is an interesting point. If you have a business, Instagram videos are a great wayto promote sales and new products. This is especially true if your in retail or e-commerice.
  3. More Room For Growth: Although 2004 might not seem like that long ago, Facebook is the oldest major player in social marketing today. Just like a rising economic power can only post dramatic growth for so long, Facebook’s running out of new users to sign up. And more to the point for you, the social marketer: organic reach just isn’t yielding what it did even a few years ago. In fact, Facebook organic reach has gone down by 60% since 2012.

    That’s a lot of fans who won’t see you content unless you pay to promote it.

    Luckily, Instagram is still enjoying a lot of forward momentum. Getting organic reach – impressive organic reach – isn’t a problem yet. In fact, it comes easily.

    Since 2012, Instagram organic reach has gone up by a full 200%.

    That’s a number you just can’t ignore.


Taken from Kissmetrics study 2017

4. More Interaction: Reach is good; engagement is better. You don’t want your users to just see what you’re posting; you want them to interact with it too. You want them to re-post and like your content. So, it makes sense to look at engagement rates when you’re thinking about which network to use. Instagram doesn’t disappoint here either.

According to the data in this infographic, you get 58 times more engagement on Instagram than Facebook, for every follower you have.


5. Less Competition: It pays to be an early adopter.

You get:

  • Faster revenue growth
  • Stronger market position
  • A role in defining the technology

And luckily, those advantages are still available to advertisers bold enough to run their ads on Instagram.