Is Twitter still relevant in business?

Twitter is simple to use, easy to engage with, and it can easily connect you with the topics you’re interested in. It’s also struggling. Compared with Facebook (in the third quarter of 2017, 2.07 billion users were recorded), Twitter is treading water, with under 330 million users worldwide.

Compared to other social media platforms such as Linkedin (250 million active users) and Instagram (800 million active users), Twitter is slowly becoming obselete. Twitter has had minor updates to its program since its inception in 2006 like the recent upgrade from 140 characters to 250 characters. In addition, pictures and videos do not count toward the character limit.  It also seems to become a platform mainly for celebrities. Recently a post by Youtuber Logan Paul got 3000 likes and 2500 retweets while the same post on Facebook got over 40,000. Is this what you want to use when promoting your business?

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4 Reasons why Twitter is may not bed relevant for business in 2018

  1. Spam and Abuse:It’s no secret that Twitter has a major problem with spam and abuse, and has had one since the early days of the platform. Though Twitter has made a number of public efforts to improve its ability to detect spam and, in response, eliminate the offenders, it still isn’t enough to stop the spam accounts from rising and taking action. It’s relatively easy for hackers and spammers to create and automate new accounts, in everything from creating posts to liking and engaging with real accounts.

    Of further concern is how Twitter is being used to house armies of zombie-like bot accounts who only awaken to hammer the platform with political messaging and artificially influence trending topics to twist public perception of the truth.

  2. Obsolescence: Twitter’s platform is also starting to border on the verge of obsolescence. Communicating in brief, written messages was innovative back when smartphones were still in their infancy, but now, there are more sophisticated ways of communicating, whether you’re trying to appeal to an individual or an entire group of people.
  3. Financial Problems:For several quarters, they’ve been having a steady decline in stock trend. Twitter’s third-quarter 2017 earnings reported a 4% decrease in year-over-year revenue growth. And with the recent exit of their COO, advertisers may likely decide to reduce advertising budgets on Twitter.

    The previous year wasn’t so kind to Twitter either. They’ve been met with a backlash when a huge number of fake Twitter accounts have been unearthed following the investigation of a political interference that allegedly supported a certain political candidate in the 2016 US President Election. This political faux pas has led to some well-established companies to withdraw their bid to acquire Twitter, and the struggle to attract investors is still ongoing.


  4. Limitation

    As touched upon above, Twitter only allowed you to post 140 characters’ worth of information. Even with the recent upgrade to 240 characters, Twitter use is fairly straightforward and limited. Sharing images and videos has become commonplace on most platforms, and text updates are the same on Twitter as they are on other platforms. It doesn’t take much to see why users fail to favor Twitter over its contemporaries, which offer more flexibility by simply not imposing such limits.

With these reasons, you may not want to give up on Twitter just yet. Twitter has been dedicated these last few years to giving the platform a major overhaul. Only time will tell if these changes wil make or break the company.

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