Is Audio Content Valuable in Today’s Market?

These days, you can get content from anywhere. Whether through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to search engines such as Google. Audio content especially is extremely valuable today in business and everyday learning.

In a recent interview, Zach Reneau-Wedeen of Google’s podcast team details the company’s plans to prioritize audio in the same way it does text, images, and video.

“Right now Google is really good at giving you text and video related to your search query. With all the amazing work podcasters are publishing each day, there’s no good reason why audio isn’t a first-class citizen in the same way.”


What does this mean for small business?

Using audio content such as podcasts to improve your digital reach and connect with customers is a great way to grow your small business. Listening is fundamentally different from reading or watching. Most people listen to podcasts while commuting, doing chores, working, or exercising. So while video or written content demands your full attention, audio lives in the background and integrates with our lives more easily. That means audio content can run longer, and dive deeper.

Videos and blog posts that take more than 5 minutes to consume can be a tough sell, but podcasts routinely engage listeners for 20-60 minutes. This gives you time to educate, inform, and connect in new ways – both internally and externally. If your next 25-page report was a 25-minute podcast, just imagine how much more of your intended audience would make it all the way through to the end.

Engage Your Audience on Their Terms

Podcasts go where your audience is. Studies show in 2017, podcasts were listened to 30% of the time while driving compared to 21% radio. Smartphones and tablets are now the primary way most people consume online content – and podcasts are extremely mobile friendly. On top of that, there are hundreds of millions of potential listeners on iTunes, Apple Podcasts, and other podcast directories. Let them find you when they search for shows in your niche. And thanks to the podcast subscription model, and the intimacy of audio, podcast listeners are extremely loyal. If they like what they hear, they’ll keep coming back for more.


Audio content increases Networking Opportunities

Audio content such as podcasting allows a business to establish creditability in their field better than a blog post. A podcast also gives you the opportunity to connect with leaders in your field. Having a thought leader or potential partner on your podcast goes way beyond a brief chat at a networking event. A podcast interview gives you the chance to sit down for an hour or more and have a deep, thoughtful, and structured conversation. As a bonus, being asked to participate makes your guests feel special, and they’re likely to share the episode with their network.


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