4 Tips For Entrepreneurs To Promote Their Business

Getting the word out about your business can be tough, particularly if you don’t know how to effectively reach out and then keep the momentum going once you get some coverage. So how can you make the most of the positive attention you do get and parlay it into more customers and sales?

This the question that I ask myself, when I work with struggling businesses.  It is important for entrepreneurs to drill down on the three or four topics that they are most passionate and comfortable teaching others about.



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When you’re pitching your products or services to potential customers, think of it exactly the way you would approach an investor. Stick with statistics and hard numbers. It isn’t your product or servive that is most intriguing to potential clients or customers, but the value that you can offer them.

For Small Business Week, DeSantis, who has connected her clients with more than 3,000 media outlets since launching her firm in 2016, shared her top strategies for making a publicity splash, starting with making yourself an indispensable voice in your field.

1. Be seen as an expert.

“It’s really important to think beyond the product you sell and really understand the solution that you provide. Transition from being a business owner and someone selling a product to a thought leader, someone in the trenches sharing information. Any interview you do, you have to make sure that [the reader feels] that they’re gaining value or they could take action. You have to have actionable tips that other small-business owners can take action on.

2. Make a social plan and stick to it

You need a consistent plan to share on our social media, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. People get so stuck in not wanting to be annoying, but with the algorithm, even if you post it, it doesn’t necessarily mean that people are going to see it. With Twitter and Instagram you can share daily. Facebook and LinkedIn share weekly.  You can add press coverage to your website as a blog [as well].


3. Have a multi-platform approach.

Before clients purchase, they look online for reviews and similar products. In order to capture their attention, ensure that they see your promotions multiple times for it to become top-of-mind. For example, live stream on Facebook from entrance to where the product is located in store. Post promotion sign with filters that will draw attention. Do as many touches as possible to get people excited to take them on the journey.


4. Stay on top of the news.

[Business owners can be] so focused on their inner-workings that they are doing themselves a disservice by not getting up to date with industry news. Those things are how we’ve been able to really get timely pieces for our clients in the press. Simply by watching the news you can use that as leverage and reaching out to the media and saying, ‘I’m an expert and I would love to give you my raw, honest, opinion about this.’ By using breaking news and trending topics and awareness months, you make yourself timely and relevant.