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Video Marketing Tips for Any Budget

Marketing your startup business can be a daunting task to do, especially when you have a limited budget to promote your startup, product or service.

The challenge becomes more prevalent not only when you promote your brand, but also when you need to explain and tell about:

• Your brand

• What your company does

• What does make your brand different from the others?

• Tell your story and convert with content

It goes without saying that most modern people have short attention spans. Let’s make ourselves as examples.

We probably won’t sit for a long time to read dozens of pages of white paper. We need something simpler and denser. So, what will startup do? The best answer is absolutely the startup video.


What Is A Startup Explainer Video?

By now, you can’t go wrong with the startup explainer video. It really brings the simpler and denser content that people need.

In a word:

It is a short video which spans from one to three minutes which content describes your brand, product, service. Startup video explains what you do and it is wrapped in such entertaining cover and engaging manner.


Why Are Startup Explainer Videos So Popular?

An explainer video is not really a sales pitch or direct advertisement. Rather, it is a call-to-action video. It is introductory to engage the potential customers who are interested in your company’s niche and want to learn more about your brand.

Also, it can tell your brand story, works well for your public relations and if your idea is something new for your target audience, an animated video may serve as a tutorial video or training video.

In many cases, most businesses have proven that explainer videos can help to increase the conversions by up to 80%. According to the most recent survey, around 89% of customers believe that video is very helpful for decision-making, and around 63% of the users are considering to purchase product or service after watching an explainer video.

You’ve probably heard from fellow businesses that producing an animated marketing video for the startup is a fancy thing.

Well, not really.

The prices are different. Here are the tips for any budget that you can consider.

Online Video Makers ($50 – $500)

For this budget, you are going to get only a  video from online video creator.

Indeed, online video creator is a cheap solution for most startups. That is the benefit that you can rely on. It is also perfect for those who lack technical skills and have no idea about editing videos.

The instant online video creator allows you to make the video for startup in literally seconds. All you need to do is just enter a few keywords, choose the template, fill the text in, add some effects, and done! Some of the best online video creators also allow you to upload your videos to your YouTube account for free.

This easy way has the catch, though.

Well, a catch is a catch. The content you find is not unique and not customized. Since you use the templates provided by the site,  there are also thousands of similar videos like yours. Not to mention that it may not fit your brand.

Online Animation  Makers




Hiring Freelancers ($500 – $1500)

The quality of startup explainer video in this range of budget might be the same with the first budget category. In this case, you will pay people to handle everything from the script, music track, edit the video, render the video, publishing the video, and so on.

Also, in this range of budget, you might be able to hire a freelancer who can provide effective and relevant content.

In here, you will have tons of options to create the videos for your startup as you wish. It is because the person you hire will keep up with the demands of the industry.

This service can transform your site into an entertaining alternative. You will also be free from the complex integration like the use of multimedia, videos, website, visual imagery, spokesperson, voiceover, and text. All will be taken care of by your video provider. Make sure you see the demo from the provider first. If necessary, you could ask as many portfolios as you wish until you are convinced to hire them.

There are a lot of freelancers or businesses out there who claim to be able to create a fantastic video for you. But you need to be selective because most of them are the self-proclaimed providers.

Hiring An Explainer Video Production Company

($2000 – $5000)

This can be the best option so far because an explainer video production company is the party who focuses on a specific niche in the video marketing industry. They have been working with the startup video production for years.

Other types of the video marketing may not be relevant for your startup. An animated explainer video will present the fresh ideas in a more entertaining way.

This can be the best video production option for startups so far because an explainer video production company is the party who focuses on a specific niche in video marketing industry.

The good thing about explainer video production company is that they hire the best-skilled people to do the project. They are skillful people who are excellent at both technical and aesthetic skills. Knowing that your business videos are handled by the experts will give you peace of mind.

You will not only save your time but also save your resources because with such effective video you can make sure that your messages are being delivered to audiences who watch them.


Yans Media

Demo Duck


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Hire an agency ($15000 and more)

In this range of budget, you’ll know that you are working with an agency that can work for all kinds of videos. They are flexible. As a startup, what you need to make an engaging marketing video is the flexibility. Agencies work in various models, timing and pricing will depend on your need.

Hiring an agency may encourage you to be bound by certain contracts.

You will execute the particular need. For instance, you only want to promote your specific product in the summer season, your agency will handle it from scratch. Hiring an agency applies that you have multiple skilled people in one place.

Agencies hire the employees with different skills.

That means you will not only be able to create an explainer video, but also other kinds of videos.

They can also help you to make better decisions. They are always updated to the trends and mainstream so that they know what you need to add to your explainer videos. You can even conduct in-depth consultation with the special team in the agency until you decide and dispatch your video agency. They will help you to avoid costly mistakes and set the right channel for your videos.

But it might not be the best option for you as startups. First things first, this kind of service is more expensive. They have higher per-hour costs. Chances are they outsource the video service, which explains why they come at such fancy prices.

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