10 Commandments of Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing? According to The Content Marketing Institute, an online source for information on all things content marketing related: “Content marketing is a

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The Mindset List

The following are my thoughts on the article from the American Marketing Association called The Mindset List is Taking Marketers Inside the Minds of Future Generations

Marketing Personal Data

In this day and age, your personal data is worth money. Marketing and Advertising companies use your data to market products that correlate to your personal likes. As technology advances, we are going to be further targeting based on our likes, hobbies, and cookies.

10 common mistakes that small businesses make on Social Media

Social Media is a great tool for small business’s to get the word out about their business and its services however, many small businesses do

Programmatic Marketing; How Can It Help Grow Your Business?

What Is Programmatic Marketing?   Programmatic Marketing is online targeted advertising campaign that work off potential clients interests, hobbies, search history and cookies. It is

Social Media for Small Business

Social Media can be overwhelming and daunting to small business owners. Between the main five Who?, What?, Where?, When? and Why? there are many little

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